Top 3 schools for Video Filmmakers

While it is fairly simple to record a video with the use of a smartphone or another video recording device, it isn’t the only thing necessary to produce a spectacular video. If you are passionate about video production and is interested in learning more about film making, finding the best film school that can give you a run for your money should be top priority.  After all, film schools are not cheap and some may not exactly live up to their promise of having the best film program for its learners. Here are the top universities around the world.

1) American Film Institute (AFI) – is known as the most famous film school in Los Angeles or even in the entire United States, AFI’s alumni included David Lynch, South Park producer Anne Garefino and Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky.

2) University of Southern California –dubbed as the ‘richest film school in the world’ due to supports from alumnus George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis and Stephen Spielberg. Many Los Angeles video production companies recruit from this school. USC probably has the most graduates working in the film industry than any other schools around the world.

3) New York University – is the alma mater of famous actor James Franco, notable film maker Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. NYU also has opened its NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia, located in Singapore, that offers MFA degrees in animation and digital arts, dramatic writing and film production.

While the schools mentioned above are all in the United States, there are also other notable film school in Europe, Asia and Canada.

4) Toronto Film School – is one of the well-established film schools in Canada. Its film program includes film and TV production and interior decorating.

5) London Film School – is one of the most reputable schools in Europe. Its focus study centered on building crafts and production skills in practical environments.

6) La Femis – recognized as the best film school in Paris. La Femis offers its learners programs taught in French and accepts exchange programs from CalArts and Columbia University.

7) Beijing Film Academy – as China becomes one of the world’s fastest-growing film industry, BFA has taken its place as the only film academy in country and the largest film school in Asia. It offers various programs taught in English and also accepts exchange programs for its learners.